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The bug this time was both human and traditional: Someone accidentally installed a buggy, early version of the Genuine Advantage software on Microsoft's servers.

Apple Maps gives us directions to nowhere (2012): In its rivalry with Google, Apple decided to get rid of the much-adored Google Maps app that had always come on new i Phones—and to replace it with a new map app that Apple had written itself.

The actual mistakes it made were fairly minute (beyond the eighth decimal point) and limited to certain kinds of division problems. —of a computer chip that made math errors made the problem blow up into the mother of all public relations disasters.

After playing down the severity of the problem, causing even public backlash, the company finally agreed to provide anyone who asked with a fixed chip.

But meshing them together takes not just smart software, but also thousands of man-hours of handwork—which Google has had years to complete, but Apple hadn't.The websites provide an open forum for honest people looking for love from people who encounter similar health conditions and sicknesses, or even There are a lot of specialized dating sites who cater to people with specific illnesses.3 first service within use scientific approach highly.From STDs to mental illness the range covers a broad range.column this month I railed against software companies' attitude that we, the public, are willing to serve as their unpaid beta testers.In an age when they can update software over the Internet, why should they knock themselves out cleaning up the code in time for version 1.0?

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