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And even after getting into a relationship with a Chinese woman, you will still want to take more time to see if this is “It.” For the Chinese ladies, however, the initial encounters may already carry with them the expectation of marriage.

When you’re dating Chinese women, always be respectful and be patient.Aside from your random experiences with the ABCs in your home country or the immigrants in your local Chinatown; aside from the Chinese primer your company provided for you; have you done your own research about dating Chinese women and about cross-cultural relationships?Of course, you won’t be able to completely prepare for all possibilities, but knowing some very valuable, albeit general, information beforehand is a very good way to start your dating pursuits. You want to start dating Chinese women with the serious intention of marrying one, or The One; but, of course, you will most likely go about the dating process and your search for your Miss Right the way you have always done so in your country – that is, you will want to meet and date several Chinese women and take the time to get to know them before even considering pursuing a more committed relationship with one of them.Your lady will lose a lot of face if she introduces you to her family and then you back out.And when you do go it will mean, more often than not, that you will have to lay out for her parents the entire future you have planned for you and their daughter.

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