Internet dating site dangers of splenda

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PC doctors are telling parents not to bring up dieting or eating to overweight kids because it may hurt their feelings.: Norway is now building a wall to keep jihad out.

Research proves raw milk prevents infections and helps the immune system; so why have states made it illegal? Washington DC is shedding restaurant jobs as fightfor15 is a failure as expected.

US airforce now using technology to detonate plasma bombs in the ionosphere to build radio reflective plasma; absolutely nothing could go wrong with that idea. Soda: one of the most unhealthy drinks to put in your body. Louisiana government demand residents stop being self reliant and helping one another; They must be forced to surrender all control to the tyrannical government. Texas allows guns on college campuses by 21 year olds. Soldiers are replacing police to help guard Vienna against migrants. Anti NATO protests in turkey Hungary's president endorses Trump. I hear the marching of the storm troopers down the cobblestone streets of Berlin. This is a high energy green show : Rnc starts session with Sikh prayer.

Italy puts massive restrictions on glyphosate usage in the strictest regulations ever passed on the toxic compound. Sperm counts in men are being lowered by cell phones. Bomb blast, machete attack and shooting in Germany.

The green tea in purple sticks may be good for neurological disorders. Syrian refugee assaults 13 year old child in Massachusetts.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.

Breaking: DEA as tyrannical as they ever could be, decide that the plant Kratom will now be scheduled 1 without any deaths or significant reason.

Even though the plant has shown great results with pain relief and opiate withdrawal. : Teflon lawsuits are paying out for causing cancer. Bernie Sanders has lost the respect of his supporters for endorsing a Wicked Witch. Ted on hodges Sunday night Today's show covered Pense being chosen as Trump VP. Pink Flamingos in yards as a protest against Disney near disney.

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