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They know I'm the one that's killed them and that makes me the most important thing in the world. Prince of Tennis/Bleach crossover Hellfire After being involved in an accident which had nearly killed her, Echizen Rika started to develop the ability to see the future.

Now, nearly five hundred years later, the two were the leaders of the Vizards, and when Soul Society got wind of their existences, the two of them, along with the Vizards, have to take up arms once more to defend their homes as well as the friends that they've made in Phoenix Star Academy.

And thus, the poor guy soon started feeling very jealous when Igarashi Tora soon started making advances on Misaki. One-sided Igarashi/Misaki Weeping Words Momoi Satsuki had just about reached the end of her patience with her childhood friend. Aomine/Momoi Switch After the fiasco at Teiko, Kuroko Tamaki was ready to just give up basketball until she met Himuro Tatsuya at the street courts.

Deciding against following Aomine to Touou, she chose to attend Seirin alongside her crush instead. When a mission from the King of the Teiko Kingdom commissioned all six knights to retrieve the Princess of the kingdom, love not only blossomed between the princess and one of the knights, but also the Commander of the Royal Knights and one other. Now a year later at Seirin High, both Kuroko Tamaki and Himuro Tatsuya are ready to take the basketball world by storm whilst battling their own inner demons.

Midorima/Tamaki Nighthunters: Time Paradox Sequel to Nighthunters.

There is a reason why it is ALWAYS the first born in Teiko to inherit the Crown.

But with a horrible DADA teacher, seven surprise guests, a new love interest and Voldemort growing stronger, will she make it through unscathed?

To fix the shift, Kuroko Tamaki, Ogiwara Shigehiro and Haizaki Shougo were thus sent to an alternate world--a different time to fix the damage. However, there is something that the phantom player likes that not everyone is aware of.

The famous team of six players all attended different middle schools instead.

How much different would their middle school lives be if they were all in separate teams, with Kuroko Tamaki and Akashi Seijuro attending Meiko Middle alongside Ogiwara Shigehiro? Kuroko Yatogami: Azure Sun Set in Noragami universe. Go MNighthunters: An Alternative Path Set in Nighthunters Universe. Akashi/Tamaki/Seijuro Nighthunters: Before the Fall Prequel to Nighthunters.

With the Phantom Player and Teiko's best manager, Seirin vowed to reach the top in the high school basketball world. The different arcane guilds had always been at loggerheads with each other, especially the legendary guild, Teiko, which was led by six of the highest class of warriors that had ever existed, the Kiseki no Sedai. Kuroko XAomine Teiko High School What if the Generation of Miracles had enough of the treatment by the different teams and different high schools treating them as some trophies to be won for their teams, and decided to join the sister high school to Teiko Middle? Meanwhile, at Yosen High, Masako Arai is just about ready to pull her hair out due to the constant arguments between the two aces of her team - Murasakibara Atsushi and Kagami Taiga.

But when the very life of the world, the Mimir Tree was threatened, the guilds must put aside their differences and fight for a common goal. The worst fear of the high school basketball circuit had just come true: the Generation of Miracles are back. Our Basketball The Generation of Miracles never went to Teiko.

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