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According to Jason Yaeger, professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, the city was already abandoned when the Incas conquered the area in 1470.The Incas spared no expense, however, incorporating Puma Punku and the rest of Tiwanaku city into their empire and culture.Looking at where the sunrise would have been 17,000 years ago on the solstices, however, the cornerstones align. Oswald Rivera agrees that the temple was built with astronomical alignments.The buildings are deliberately oriented to the cardinal points, he told Forbidden History.But, he said, the builders made a mistake; that’s why the sun doesn’t rise over the cornerstones on the solstices.

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As one commentator noted, the disarray of the ruins, when first discovered by Spaniards, indicates cataclysmic action.The sunrise moves along the horizon as the days of the year pass.Posnansky expected to find the sun rise above cornerstones on either side of the temple on the summer and winter solstices, but found it rose some distance off.The Incas believed the city was the place where Viracocha, their deity of creation, created the ancestral people of all ethnicities and sent them out into the world to populate their respective lands.“They [the Incas] reconfigured the existing structures to accommodate the ritual activities required in their own cosmology,” said Yaeger, according to an article for the School for Advanced Research.

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