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A total of 29 Serious Reportable Events (SREs) were recommended for NQF endorsement.NQF Members and the public were able to submit comments on the report as a whole; on individual recommended SREs; on SREs not recommended and additionally recommended; and on the SREs glossary.Final Skilled Nursing Facility TAP Roster (PDF)Skilled Nursing Facility TAP Bios (PDF) The revised SRE definition is intended to be broader to encompass a wider range of potential adverse events across a variety of healthcare settings.The Steering Committee has reviewed and recommended the following: View Comments Following public comment period and finalization of the revised SRE definition, NQF issued a Call for Events across a prioritized set of healthcare environments, and a Call for Nominations for TAPs to identify SREs in these prioritized settings.As such, the SREs will delineate the conditions or complications that are acquired by patients throughout the processes of care for a given illness, which may be managed in several different healthcare environments.The following environments of healthcare will be prioritized for the 2009 update and expansion of the SREs: Process This process involves the active participation of representatives from across the spectrum of healthcare stakeholders.

There is also recognition that the SREs should be expanded into other environments of care beyond hospital settings, and that they should be relevant and applicable for these non-hospital settings.

The project will be guided by the Steering Committee for Healthcare Acquired Conditions and Serious Reportable Events, which will evaluate the practices and make recommendations to refresh the currently endorsed set.

Four technical advisory panels will be formed with expertise in the occurrence of unforeseen conditions and complications in the various environments of healthcare.

NQF will also be seeking nominations for members of four Technical Advisory Panels (TAPs).

These panels will provide expertise and guidance to the Steering Committee for Healthcare Acquired Conditions (HACs) and Serious Reportable Events (SREs).

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